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Xinda Clover Industry Limited Company Nanhai Foshan City
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Sản Phẩm chính: Phân Vùng văn phòng/Văn Phòng Bàn/Máy Trạm/Điền Vào Tủ/Thủy Tinh Bức Tường Phân Vùng/Ghế
Finished product inspectionODM services availableGlobal export expertiseYears in industry(21)
With 32 years of development, we have developed into an office furniture manufacturing company with more than 700 people. Our products are very popular in the United States, Britain, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Japan and other countries. In addition, we have a design team of more than 40 people, designing new products every month to help our customers increase sales and occupy more markets. At the same time, OEM and ODM are also open to you. Welcome to join us, be a distributor. getting more profit!